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CNC Punching

CNC Punching

Using Muratec Turret Punch Press we can offer high accuracy, high speed production of components competitively priced.

CNC Punching is where the majority of components start to be processed. The turret punch is loaded with tools and the sheet material is punched to produce the components. We can punch a range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, coated metals, brass and copper from 0.6mm to 6mm.

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cnc punching

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CNC (Computer numerically controlled) punching is a manufacturing process performed by CNC punch presses. These machines (Turret Punch Presses) are programmed to position sheet metal under the machine’s punching ram ready to punch a hole. This can usually be performed on a range of materials including steel, zintec, galv, stainless steel and aluminium from 0.5mm to 6.0mm thick.

The CNC punch places the sheet of metal between a punch and a die (made of hardened steel), mounted within the press. The press then pushes the punch against and into the die with enough force to cut a hole in the metal. To create a simple depression in the metal, the punch and die with simply ‘nest’ together, rather than press through. Multiple simple-shaped holes can be created in one stage but, through multiple stages, complex holes can be produced.

Using a CNC program, the shape of the holes punched can be anything from a simple circle or rectangle, to special shapes to suit specific designs. Complex sheet metal component shapes can be produced by using a combination of single hits and overlapping geometries.

Most turret punches are CNC-controlled and automatically position the metal sheet beneath the tool or programmed selection of a range of up to sixty tools which can be rotated as needed. A CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) process converts the metalwork design into the number of individual punch operations required.

The CNC punch is extremely fast at producing repetitive shapes, achieving up to 600 strokes per minute. A typical component (such as the side of a computer case) can be cut to high precision from a blank sheet in under 15 seconds in this manner.

By using this large number of strokes and employing several different tools in turn, a Turret Press can make a wide range of parts with out having to create specialised press tools for a specific task. This allows for rapid prototyping to begin quickly without tooling delays, saving time and money.

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